Introducing Band number 3 for Construction Rocks Melbourne: The Clash Detectors!!!!

The Construction Rocks Melbourne team is thrilled to announce ‘The Clash Detectors’ as the third of 4 bands who are bringing their style of Rock N’ Roll in Construction Rocks Melbourne 2019 on October 24th at Prince Bandroom, St Kilda.

WGE’s Stantec’s band is so eclectic that they could not agree on how to dress, the band name, and more importantly, on what was the best set list for the concert; so in a conscious effort to keep on pleasing the audiences, this year they have decided to take us on a tantalizing time travelling journey where each song has been carefully selected from a different decade: from the crazy 60’s to the extravagant 00’s… passing through the radical 80’s, the iconic 90’s and the intoxicating? 70’s. With this, they expect that each audience member will like, at least, one of their songs…the power of numbers!

Come along and throw your support behind the Clash Detectors!!!

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Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here:

Get in quick as tickets are selling fast!!